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As an invitation-only meeting, Exchange provides an intensive business development opportunity for innovative solution providers.

In a marketplace that is more competitive each day, where the purchasing process involves more steps and more people and where time is the scarcest commodity, it can be a struggle to fit the pieces of the puzzle together.

As a sponsor, in just a few days out of the office you will fast track new business, develop industry knowledge and build your network of top level contacts from the brands you want to meet. The Exchange format has proven results and consistently delivers, and will fundamentally change the way you perceive event marketing.

Why Choose Exchange?

Meet senior leaders with a need for your solution

You can rest assured that if you're engaging with a member of our team, it means our attendees have highlighted your solution as being pivotal to their strategic investment priorities. This insight is uncovered during extensive market research and the on-boarding process for delegates.

Exchange attendees are diligently interviewed and carefully selected to attend based on their company size, seniority, available budget for new solutions and timelines for selecting new vendor partners. Executives attend with the objective of meeting selected solution providers to start the due diligence process.

Solution providers are also carefully selected based on the credibility of the solutions they offer. We bring together a cross section of the supplier market to meet with the decision makers who attend, with only a limited number of solution providers allowed per category. This results in less competition for you, and a clearer view of the industry's leading suppliers for attendees.

By comparison, traditional conferences and tradeshows create a competitive environment, with a sea of faces that makes targeted networking and business development almost impossible. In the meeting area of an Exchange, everyone has the same level of brand exposure, so you don't waste your time worrying about who has the biggest and brightest display, and can focus on doing business.

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Invitation-only: Qualified decision makers

Access to an Exchange is not available to all. Exchange delegates are screened before they can register and are qualified to attend based on their strategic and budgetary responsibility, as well as their need to invest in new solutions within 6-12 months of an Exchange taking place. Exchange only invites CXOs, VPs and Directors, ensuring you only meet and engage with real decision makers who you could do business with.

Who Qualifies To Attend?

Delegate attendance is restricted to practitioners. Solution providers can only attend as sponsor partners, meaning less competition for you amongst the select group of attending vendors. Every attendee must have an active project within their function, and must meet certain qualification criteria in order to gain an invitation. These are specific for each Exchange but include:

  • My company's annual turnover is $1 billion or above
  • I sit in the C-suite or report directly to the C-suite
  • I control or directly influence where budget is spent
  • I control or directly influence strategy at regional, divisional or group level
  • I have a personal budget of $1 million or above for solutions or services to help me achieve strategic business objectives

This qualification process means you will not waste any time with mid-level managers or prospects who have no authority to make investment decisions. You will simply spend two to three days conducting business with the most qualified and relevant executives in your industry.

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In-depth attendee profiling

Attendees can only register by speaking directly to a member of the Exchange team who will qualify their suitability for a delegate place using an in-depth profiling form, detailing their reporting structure, strategic priorities and buying requirements. This unparalleled business insight is used to match buyers with the most relevant suppliers, and is shared with sponsors of meetings packages prior to and on-site at the Exchange.

When you sponsor an Exchange we take great care in understanding your business offering and target market. This allows us to connect you with executives you could do business with and provide comprehensive, powerful insight that will shorten your sales cycles and speed up new business opportunities.

How does the matching process work?

Three weeks in advance of the event, delegates and solution providers receive passwords to the Exchange website. Using the information on attendee profile forms, you select the executives you wish to meet in order of priority. At the same time, delegates review a similar form completed by solution providers, and select to meet with those who can meet their specific requirements. One-to-one business meetings are then pre-scheduled based on the selections; mutual matches taking precedence.

This unique matching process propels the relationship between solution providers and delegates to a place that can take months, even years to nurture through traditional business development channels.

Your personalised meeting itinerary will be provided two weeks prior to the event, allowing you to fully research - using the profile information - and prepare for your one to-one business meetings.

Exchange itineraries are intensive but effective. The time saving format of an Exchange means you only meet decision makers who are currently implementing strategies that require solutions like yours.

Example Exchange Schedule

09:00 Chairman's Welcome
09:10 Keynote Address
09:40 In-depth Case Study
10:25 One-to-One Business Meetings
11:00 One-to-One Business Meetings
11:35 Interview with Industry Leader
12:10 One-to-One Business Meetings
12:45 One-to-One Business Meetings
13:15 Lunch
14:20 Interactive Panel Session
14:55 One-to-One Business Meetings
15:30 One-to-One Business Meetings
16:05 One-to-One Business Meetings
16:40 Roundtable Discussions
17:10 Closing Keynote Address
17:40 Chairman's Close
17:45 Evening Networking Function

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30 minute, private business meetings

The one-to-one business meeting element of an Exchange gives you 30 minutes of exclusive, uninterrupted time with qualified senior executives. Spend this time forging new and lasting partnerships with senior leaders who want to know more about products and solutions like yours.

Let us shorten your business development cycle by giving you the opportunity to:

  • Conduct 10 or 20 business meetings in a private, relaxed setting, where delegates are open to discussing their greatest priorities and challenges, all in just 2 or 3 days out of the office
  • Know who you are meeting weeks in advance so you have ample time to tailor your solution and message for each organisation, meaning conversations are fast tracked, informed and productive
  • Bypass the bureaucracy that makes up any large company by putting senior members of your business development team in front of executives who can either make investment decisions directly, or who are part of their organisation's decision making unit
  • The whole process is effortless so you can just focus on doing business, and spend less time and money on lead generation.

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Thought-leadership and brand awareness

Solution Providers aren't just 'sponsors' they are business partners who are valued for their contribution to the intellectual content of the Exchange.

Exchange delegates are looking for bold, out-of-the-box thinking that will propel them to the forefront of their industry. The Exchange provides exclusive opportunities for you to be positioned as a thought leader ahead of your competitors, allowing you to influence the content and discussions on-site.

Depending on your level of participation, you will be able to deliver a keynote address, co-present a case study, or facilitate a BrainWeave® or Think Tank, all of which will result in thought leadership and lasting relationships that go well beyond traditional business development.

Speaking Opportunities

Limited speaking opportunities are available for sponsors to ensure the majority of agenda content is practitioner led. Each speaking slot serves to demonstrate how attendees could benefit from partnering with your business. Speaking options include:

  • Plenary Address: A 30-40 minute address to the entire Exchange delegation in case study or presentation format. This is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, share client success stories and position yourself as a thought leader with everyone in attendance.
  • Think Tank or BrainWeave®: A 30-60 minute interactive discussion session that encourages discussion, debate and learning in an unscripted and informal setting. Exclusively led by a single sponsor and attended by practitioners only (no other sponsors are allowed in the room). Delegates pre-select the Think Tanks and Brainweaves® they want to attend based on their strategic priorities, giving you uninterrupted time with a targeted group of potential buyers.
  • Masterclass: A 40 minute address to half the Exchange delegation who have selected to join your session. This package is designed for organisations who want to demonstrate thought leadership. This can be delivered as a stand alone case study, or alongside a customer of your choice.
  • Panel Discussion: Chair or join a practitioner led panel of experts (with the option to include one of your clients) for a 40-50 minute interactive Q&A. Each panellist will give a short overview of their perspective on the topic, before the Chairman facilitates discussion between the panel and audience. Position yourself as a topic expert alongside the industry leading practitioners speaking on your panel.
  • Roundtable: A roundtable leader will use this platform to gain insight into their customers' deepest challenges by facilitating an interactive discussion for 5-15 executives. Roundtables range from 30-60 minutes.
  • Chairing: A true thought leadership opportunity, Chairing part or all of the event gives you the chance to position yourself as a broad industry expert. Your role is to guide the discussions, keep the agenda on track, provide commentary throughout and summarise the key lessons following each day of the Exchange. Due to the importance of this role, sponsors interested in this option will need to meet certain requirements in order to qualify.

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Marketing & Branding Opportunities

In addition to business development opportunities on-site, Exchange also offers additional marketing exposure beyond Exchange attendees, both pre and post event.

Exchange's multi-channel marketing campaigns broaden your reach through our extensive internal database, industry leading media partners (publications, associations and networking groups) and targeted social media activity.

Complimentary marketing services* include:

  • Wish list: Provide a list of companies or individuals you would like the Exchange team to invite to ensure the right audience is being targeted to reflect your objectives. You will have a dedicated member of the delegate acquisition team assigned to you, to manage this list and provide you with feedback
  • Email invitations: Receive a pre-written email template so you can issue invitations for the Exchange to your contacts, accompanied with our advertised discounted entry rate (subject to Exchange qualification criteria)
  • Content: Supply a piece of content to be hosted in the event's Online Resource Library (the Exchange team reserves editorial discretion)
  • Banners: Make use of a custom "meet us at" style banner highlighting your presence at the event through your own channels
  • Website branding: Feature your company logo, promotional text and URL on the event website partners' page
  • On-site branding: Include your profile in the event catalogue, which is distributed on-site to all attendees. An additional 1 page advert may be available as part of an upgrade; ask your Exchange Account Manager for further information
  • Feature your company logo on-site (e.g. welcome banner, rolling presentation in conference room, front page of event catalogue). Details and locations of this branding depend on your sponsorship package

Depending on your package we can also incorporate bespoke activities to help you achieve your marketing objectives. Please enquire for more details.

* Please check with your Exchange Account Manager as complimentary services vary across Exchanges .

Dedicated account manager

We know you could work with a number of conference organisers, which is why we make it our business to understand you and deliver what you need.

From the moment you become a sponsor partner you will be looked after by a dedicated Exchange Account Manager. No matter the size of your business, you will receive the personalised level of service we have built our name on.

Your Account Manager will spend time learning about your business offering, and understanding your business objectives to ensure you get the highest return for your investment.

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Industry leading content and speakers

An Exchange is a place where great new ideas are born and the foundation for new industry developments is formed.

Nine months of in-depth market research is combined with insight from industry specific Advisory Councils and leading Analyst firms. As a result, you gain access to content that will further your understanding of industry developments and specific buy-side challenges, giving you the edge in future client meetings.

Exchange delegates demand a speaker faculty with extensive knowledge, experience and the ability to engage and inspire. Sponsors who select a speaking package are therefore represented alongside the very best in the business.

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Interactive learning and networking

Interactive Learning

The unique Exchange format provides a productive learning and networking environment for senior decision makers who are rarely able to spend time out of the office.

Make no mistake, Exchange events are intense, but highly rewarding for all involved. The interactive nature of an Exchange encourages discussion and debate, offering you in-depth insight into your prospects' challenges and buying requirements.

Our signature Brainweaves® and Think Tanks (available for sponsorship) enhance the interactive nature of the event by encouraging an 'exchange' of ideas amongst the who's who of the industry. These sessions allow delegates to delve deeper into a subject area that is relevant to their business needs, giving you more time with prospect clients and allowing you to be seen as a thought leader. Unparalleled Networking

Not all networking is created equal. Exchange provides one-to-one and group networking sessions that broaden your network of contacts and help you build and maintain relationships with senior executives that last well beyond the event itself.

Various networking opportunities are available for sponsorship including breakfast briefings, lunches, drinks receptions and dinners, as well as structured sessions such as the ice-breaker networking.

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Complimentary learning resources pre and post event

The intellectual property made available pre and post event compliments the learning opportunities you gain on-site. In-depth reports, interviews with senior executives, detailed infographics and more provide you with tangible resources to improve your industry knowledge and enhance client engagement. As a sponsor you will also receive post event access to presentations, as well as a comprehensive report outlining the key takeaways, session highlights and interviews with speakers.

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Effortless business development and on-site experience

Your on-site Exchange experience - from the minute you arrive to the moment you leave - is designed to enable productive learning, networking and business development.

Personalised itineraries, attentive Exchange staff and world-class venues combine to deliver you with a seamless and effortless experience, allowing you to relax and concentrate on lead generation and doing business.

Exchange venues are carefully selected to foster an environment that is conducive to idea generation and strategy development. By tying in five-star quality at stunning locations across the world, Exchange venues provide you with the perfect setting in which to focus on your priorities, conduct business and meet a peer group of senior strategists.

One of the most distinguishing features of an Exchange is the level of customer service you receive, and we're proud to be known as the team who consistently delivers.

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What attendees are saying about Exchange:

What delegates are saying

"There's a lot of very senior people here, General counsels, Deputy General Counsels, Chief compliance officers etc. it's a really good level of interaction."
Head of Group Anti-Bribery and Compliance Vodafone
"Probably the best event I've ever attended."
VP & Head of Barclays Private Investment Management Barclays Wealth
"Extremely well organised, very professional and personable. Content wise it was very good, and networking wise of high quality"
Global Marketing Director Aston Martin
"The event was great! I really enjoy participating. It was one of the best exchanges I have attended. You and your team did a terrific job!"
Managing Director – Global Contact Center Head Citi

What Solution Providers Are Saying

"One of the best opportunities to meet some of the top Directors in Europe, within days of the event we had been contacted by prospects wanting to see us."
EMEA Sales Director, Silver Lining
"Best format of any conference I have ever attended."
Director - Market Development Mobile Pulse
"The reason we use this particular format is the seniority of the people we meet, the ability to qualify really quickly. We've been here before, we know it works and we'll come again, because we get business."
Director of Sales and Alliances Aurix
"Exchange events have packed a higher quality of attendees due to the rigorous process that goes into filtering out and actually matching the attendees to the supplier requirements"
Director, EMEA Marketing Lithium

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